Wide Stance Kits

Get Stanced with Fast Wheel Accessories Stance Kits here!

If you have lowered your vehicle and are looking for the perfect fit to stance your wheels out a bit, then Fast Wheel Accessories Stance Kit is your answer.

Stance Kits Include:

2 Hub Centric Spacers
10 Chrome Lug Bolts
Fast Wheel Accessories Hub Centric Spacers are the highest quality billet aluminum and are hub centric to their specific fitment. Our Lug Bolts are Heat Treated and Triple Plated Chrome to ensure the best finish, strength and longevity.

What does stanced mean?

(verb) – to adjust a car’s camber, ride height, and spacing, so that the sidewall of the tire sits as flush as possible with the fender / quarter panel. A common trend and style impersonated on drift and show cars alike.

Fast Wheel Accessories ships nationwide priority mail on all stance kits the same day and 100% free.



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