Car Care Products

Best Car Care on the Planet.

Whether it’s a new school performance build or an old school classic, the driving experience is all about the emotion it produces. That’s why people love their cars. Eye Candy Car Care is a line of products designed and manufactured by a group of people that understand that concept completely. Our products use the latest technologies to quickly clean, protect, and enhance the look of your car so you can get in and enjoy it with as little effort as possible. We strive to evoke that unmistakable feeling of knowing your car looks good. It truly makes it more enjoyable to drive.

Five years ago we said we wanted to build the fastest street car in the world. In 2010 we achieved that goal. Our 2006 Ford GT was the first street car, in full street trim, to break the 250 mph barrier in the Standing Mile. In October of 2012 we set the Guinness World Record for Fastest Standing Mile-Street Car at 283 mph. What a feeling.

We always knew working towards that goal would lead us down a path that very few have traveled. It would open unimaginable doors, and we were correct. One of those doors was the opportunity to start and develop this car care line. We started product development in early 2011 with the goal of designing a single product that could be used on every exterior surface of a vehicle. The kick was, we wanted the product to produce a surface so slick…it actually reduced the coefficient of drag of the vehicle as it traveled at high speeds.

That goal was achieved as well. After over a year of trials, we sent the product off to a NASA accredited wind tunnel facility and documented a 2% reduction in the coefficient of drag. The product has been used on every one of our Mile Cars since.

As the company grew, we decided to branch off and develop a full line of car care products with the true enthusiast in mind. Eye Candy Car Care was born. We are honored to have the relationships we do to help this company grow and to be immersed in a true South Florida car culture that appreciates that the real reason we do what we all do is to share and create the experiences with the people we do it with.

Look Good. Feel Good. Have Fun. That’s what our company is about.


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