There is no topping our selection. With over 40 years of collective experience and having been featured in some of the best magazine publications in our industry, Fast Wheel Accessories should be considered your go-to spot to buy hubcentric spacers. Our selection has no boundaries. One of our best sellers has been this guy right here: 5mm VW Audi Bentley Hubcentric Spacers.

The highlights include:

  • 5×100/5×112 Bolt Pattern
  • 57.1 Center Bore
  • 5mm Thick
  • Perfect for achieving that stanced look on your Euro, or if you just need a little more room to eliminate rubbing
  • Each spacer weighs 6.2 oz
  • Each spacer is made of the finest 6061 T6 Heat treated aluminum

Hubcentric wheel spacers will increase scrub radius, which entails that your steering wheel will recenter itself more and will be harder to turn.  They will also increase wear on wheel bearings, which is another prominent feature.  In addition to hubcentric wheel spacers, we also offer wheel adapters and hub rings — all of which are guaranteed to make your ride fresher and more smooth. At Fast Wheel Accessories, we offer the best of everything — pricing, expertise, customer service and selection — in our industry. We will supply with all of your wheel accessory needs from wheel locks to lug nuts to valve stems. Above that, we will do our very best to ensure that your order is sent out the same day. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at any time for assistance.




There are all sort of options out there. But the fact of the matter is, no place compares to us. If you are looking to shop for wheel parts, we have you covered and twice over Fast Wheel Accessories. Featured on MTV Cribs, we make it our absolute priority to focus on high quality wheel accessories that are only fit to be used on the best wheels like ADV-1, Interad, HRE, 360 Forged, Asanti, Forgiato, Dub, Savini and so many others. In addition to being featured on MTV Cribs, we also have been spotlighted in pretty much all of the leading magazines in the industry.

Collectively, our team here has over 40 years in the custom tire wheel and wheel accessory industry. Among the products that we specialize in, include Hubcentric Spacers like the 12mm Chrome Lug Hubcentric Wheel Spacers for the BMW. That guy has a plethora of features — some of which include:

  • Designed to move the wheel further from the hub
  • CNC Machined using high quality aerospace aluminum
  • Fitment, Quality and Durability tested
  • Will give your car a more aggressive stance that allows for much better handling characteristics
  • Will fix clearance issues if your wheel is currently hitting your shocks or brake calipers
  • Because our items our hubcentric, they will fit perfectly over your hub — thus eliminating the possibility of vibrations

We encourage you to continue to navigate around our user friendly Website so that you can get a better gauge for what we are able to offer and provide you.

When it come to consumer goods, we all are in search of good value. This holds true in just about everything we shop for — same goes for automotive supplies. So if you are in the market for affordable and reasonably priced wheel adapters online you definitely have landed in the right spot. Fast Wheel Accessories offers a diverse menu of wheel adapters and a whole lot more. One of our more popular sellers at this present time is the 2 Chevy GMC Cadillac 1.5 inch Wheel Spacers Adapters.

These little gems do a great job of eliminating the rubbing instantly. They also increase stability and give you the ability to mount a larger tire or wheel. Best of all, the installation process for these adapters is fast and easy. It generally takes about the same amount of time as it does to change a tire. We also provide you with everything you need, as far as the installation goes.

One thing that we urge all of our clients to do before they order is to make sure that they ensure that you are taking the necessary measurement for fitment. If you do find out that you are in need of guidance or assistance with how to make the right measurements, we encourage you to call or message us before placing your order. In addition to wheel adapters, we also sell and have in stock an extensive selection of hubcentric spacer and hub rings as well.









In addition to being the absolute best place to buy hubcentric spacers, Fast Wheel Accessories also is a great place to buy hubcentric rings. These guys are designed to help fill the gap between the center bore of the wheel and the hub of the car. The majority of wheel manufacturers will construct their wheels with a center bore that is  big enough to fit on most cars.

Quite often there is a gap between the center bore and the hub. When this happens, there usually is not a center bore that is big enough to fit on most cars.  It also means that the gap generally will not allow the wheel to fit hubcentric, but instead lugcentric. This inevitably causes vibration. Our alloy hub rings will better help make sure that an alloy wheel is adequately centered on a hub of your vehicle. As far as safety and security issues go, this is very, very important.

When you really take the time to think about it, there really is no argument in the fact that hubcentric rings really do a good job in straightening the wheel when you mount them. Additionally, they also are able to support the wheel and do a much better job of absorbing road vibrations. In addition to having hubcentric rings, we also are have wheel adapters and hubcentric wheels. If you are ever in need of customer support after ordering any of our products, we encourage you to get in touch with our support staff.

Shop Wheel Parts Right Here

Posted: January 27, 2014 in blog

If you happen to be shopping for wheel parts online, the chances are great that you are looking for an extensive selection at an affordable price that all comes with top of the line customer service. If that is indeed the case, then it appears you have found the exact perfect place for you. Yes, Fast Wheel Accessories was created with you in mind.

Not only do we major in aftermarket wheel accessories that are used on high-end wheels like Savini, Dub, Interad, Asanti, HRE, Forgiato and many others, our reputation actually has proceeded us. That is quite obvious by our products having been featured in a variety of outlets like Car Audio Magazine, Rides Magazine, Ridin Clean Magazine, Auto Sound and even the former popular TV show MTV Cribs. We have produced such quality products over the years that we also were a top pick for a Mercedes Benz USA project.

Because we provide products at aftermarket prices, our pricing really is unrivaled in our industry. As far as customer service goes, we will do our absolute best to ship all orders out on the same day no matter where they are being shipped to so long as they they are made before 3 p.m. E.S.T. In addition to the individual products that we have in stock, we also are able to offer vehicle specific packages as a better way to provide convenience to you. Our user friendly Website makes it easy to shop for what you need and what your are interested in at Fast Wheel Accessories.

The benefits of Hubcentric Wheel Spacers are numerous. That is why at Fast Wheel Accessories we offer these products for a number and wide variety of automobile makers. For starters, wheel adapters and wheel spacers are beyond valuable should you be looking to install tires and wheels. Wheel spacers actually are devices that fit over a car’s holding bracket, which is essential in creating space between the wheel hub and the wheel assembly. Ultimately, wheel spacers are able to enlarge the gap between the wheel and wheel hub assembly. Should you not have wheel spacers, then there is a great chance that your custom wheels would sit too close to the vehicle’s inner wheel well.

There are several people out there that rely on wheel spacers to enhance the handling of their vehicle. primarily its traction. These products also will give your wheel a more interesting look — thus making it more appealing and eye catching. Among the automobile models and makes that we carry wheel spacers for include BMW, Mazda, Mercedes and Mitsubishi. It should be noted that Fast Wheel Accessories focuses on high quality aftermarket wheel accessories so we always try and do our very best to keep the prices down.

Located in Pinellas Park, Florida, within the greater Tampa Bay area, our team in place has over 40 years of experience in the wheel accessory industry. In addition to wheel spacers, we have a variety of high performance products that are in stock with which you can choose from and shop around on our Website.

We realize there are other options out there — some of which might even be pretty viable. It is just that if you are looking for the absolute best, there really is only one option and go-to place out there. That place of course is us right here Fast Wheel Accessories. We make it a priority to offer the best in Hubcentric Wheel Spacers and many other top of the line products.

With the holiday season upon us and the New Year directly around the corner, what better time to set yourself up with, a family member or that special someone, with a high-performance product that they are sure to remember? Because it is the holiday season, and many people want their product as fast as possible, Fast Wheel Accessories is happy to provide same-day shipping on most of our products and orders that are ordered before 3 p.m. EST.

Our Hubcentric Wheel Spacers come in a variety of sizes and are priced at different rates. We guarantee that we have something that perfectly right for you right here at Fast Wheel Accessories. We encourage you to continue to browse and navigate around our Website so you can get better idea of the products we offer.